Music Production Education

The Future of
Music Education

Learn to make recorded music with music production lessons!

Diverse Approach

We use an individualized approach with each student to compliment their strengths and learning styles.

Experienced Educator

Our instructor Alex has experience teaching students across a range of ages and abilities, creating welcoming and personalized classroom environments.

A Real Pro

Our instructor Alex is an accomplished producer and musician with a wealth of accomplishments and acclaim.


Unlike guitar or saxophone lessons, you don't need to buy expensive instruments or equipment. This is Because we encourage students to use free software options.

Individualized Music Production Lessons For Youth And Adults

There is a lot to learn, so let's learn it one step at a time!

“When I began my journey as a music producer,  I had to do it the hard way.  As a result, I bought expensive equipment, I taught myself, and I made a lot of guesses.  I relied heavily on my background as a musician too.  But the process doesn’t need to be hard, and you don’t need lots of equipment or musical experience to get started! The Production Project is my program to offer students an opportunity I could have only dreamed of when I was younger”

Music Production Lessons Instructor, Alex Hanes against a pink and blue city sky backdrop
Alex Hanes
Producer and Director of The Production Project

Meet Your Production Teacher

Meet Alex Hanes, the director of The Production Project. Alex is an accomplished Toronto based music producer signed to CYMBA Music Publishing. Both as an independent producer and through his band Bon Villan, Alex has seen viral success online and on radio.  As a result, his music has garnered acclaim, with sync placements on television, awards and much more.  Additionally, he has collaborated with the likes of Andreas Stone, Adam Tune, and Barbra Lica. He has also produced and mixed music for artists such as Science International and Nicole Haber.  Finally, Alex is an experienced educator.  He has taught a wide range of abilities and ages across multiple platforms.

Alex Founded The Production Project in 2021.  It began after offering music production courses online through Project Autism Canada.  In this program, he saw a need.  Students were eager to learn about music production but had never been given the opportunity.  As a result, Alex knew he needed to prioritize inclusion and accessibility.  No student should have to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on equipment to learn how to produce music.  For this reason, Alex teaches a wide variety of different software.  Taught software includes Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Garageband, logic, and Bandlab – which is free!

What People Are Saying

"Alex has gone above and beyond to learn about my son and his interests so that when my son was introduced to music production, he was able to learn and play music that he already enjoys listening to. Alex is a gifted musician but also highly skilled at teaching and has a wonderful ability to relate to people. He has excellent skill and enthusiasm, making our son WANT to learn. He works well with families and has a flexible schedule. I highly recommend."
Mother of student in the Production Project
"Alex Hanes is an excellent music programming instructor. He combines just the right amount of enthusiasm, professionalism with gentle guidance when teaching new concepts and ideas. He brings with him an advanced knowledge and creative skills in music programming. We love his enthusiasm. When he talks about music he inspires us all. "
Judith Elaine
Director, Project Autism canada

Private Music Production Lessons Online

Time to get creative. Make music you love!

General Questions

No, this course does not require students to know how to play an instrument or have any musical background. 

However, any prior musical knowledge will accelerate the student’s music production journey.

A computer, internet access, and that’s it!

While lessons are offered that use paid software, beginner and intermediate students are encouraged to use free software.  Ears and knowledge make the producer, not their tools.

Unfortunately at the moment classes are offered exclusively online.

Music Production is the process of creating recorded music of any kind through analog or (more commonly nowadays) digital means.  However, production is more than just recording; it involves looking at a song as a whole and making decisions about how to make it sound the way you want.  This involves writing, performing, recording, mixing and critical thinking.