About Us

What is The Production Project?

Music Production For All

The Production Project is an educational program that teaches music production to students of all ages. Think of us like the modern version of a guitar teacher; we offer engaging extracurricular private music lessons that fit into our students’ everyday lives. But, instead of learning just one instrument, you will learn how to produce entire songs! Our goal is to make the learning environment fun, with students getting to express their creativity and explore the music they are passionate about. We give students the opportunity to work at a comfortable pace that matches their goals and abilities. In our classes, student’s learn how to…

Our Mission Statement:

To make music production an accessible, fun and creative outlet for all!

Making recorded music is a fun, creative and useful outlet, but there are too many barriers for most students. It should be accessible for everyone! For this reason The Production Project strives to show how music production can be an affordable extracurricular that is available to neurodiverse and neurotypical students. We encourage our students to utilize free music production software over the purchasing of expensive equipment, and are dedicated to making our learning spaces inclusive and individualized to our student’s needs.

So what is music production?

It's Kinda Like Being Every Member Of A Band All At Once

Music production is the process of creating recorded music: which means you are not only recording, but also writing, performing, arranging and mixing entire songs! As a producer, you will learn to look at both the granular details and the big picture of a song in order to create a high quality recording. While this was once done exclusively in big expensive studios – think bands recording on an analog console and a team of engineers – nowadays music is more typically produced on a computer using a piece of software called a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace). The advantage of a DAW is that the producer can play every role: the guitarist, the drummer, the songwriter, the engineer and more. This also means that you can make great recordings in your home, and you don’t need expensive equipment. With many resources free, all you need is a computer and an internet connection!